Farecla Products

Farecla Products

The Farécla Profile range provides a rapid cut and a great finish on composites and is widely used in the marine industry, mould production and repair, carbon fibre components, lacquered wood and more.

Profile 100 Extra Heavy Cut Paste Compound

  • Aggressive compounding paste for tough resins and gelcoats
  • Leaves a low gloss finish
  • Ideal for plugs and moulds
  • 100ml sample tube now available

Our “liquid sandpaper”, Profile 100 Extra is a coarse, water-based cutting compound designed for aggressive compounding on tough resins and gel coats. It removes P600 dry sanding marks from most substrates, leaving a relatively low gloss finish.

Profile 100 Extra is often used in the first stage of a two-step polishing process when high gloss is required.

Profile 350 Premium Liquid GRP Fast Medium Cut Liquid Compound

  • Rapidly eliminates P1500 scratches from GRP
  • Very effective on dark GRP surfaces
  • Can also be used on painted surfaces to restore colour

Profile 350 Premium Liquid GRP Fast Medium Cut Liquid Compound is a high performance, water-based cutting compound which removes P1500 or finer sanding marks from production gel coats and painted finishes, and is the perfect solution for restoring oxidised and weathered gel coat surfaces.

Great on dark colours, Profile 350 Premium Liquid delivers a high gloss finish and is used as a one step product on white gel coats and as the first stage of a two part compounding process where higher gloss and lower swirl is required.

Profile 700 Finish Light Cut Polish & Swirl Remover

  • Eliminates minor defects and swirls from paint, lacquer and gelcoat surfaces, leaving a mirror shine finish
  • Now VOC-free
  • Enhanced workability
  • Very easy wipe off

Profile 700 Finish Light Cut Polish & Swirl Remover is a very fine finishing compound designed to remove any light swirl marks and holograms from high quality painted lacquered and gel coat surfaces to leave the ultimate high gloss finish. It will not scratch and is particularly good on soft coatings which are susceptible to swirl marks.

Profile 700 Finish is ideally applied using a Farécla G Mop Finishing Foam, which was engineered in tandem with the compound to provide optimum performance. For a higher cut, use with a G Mop Lambs Wool Pad.

Profile UV Wax Hand Application

  • Thick wax containing UV inhibitors
  • Provides up to 3 months protection and gloss  on paint, lacquer and gelcoat surfaces
  • Apply with a clean, dry microfibre cloth to protect gloss finish

Profile UV Wax Hand Application is a liquid wax incorporating special UV absorbers to give up to 3 months protection to gel coats and paints exposed to external weathering.

Long lasting protection against rain and salt water whilst the UV absorbers protect against exposure to sunlight.

Profile UV Wax will give a high gloss, long-lasting finish on most surfaces and is particularly suitable for use on boats, caravans, trains and planes.