Altex Antifoul

Altex Antifoul

AY&B No.5 AntifoulingAU

Altex No.5 Antifouling is recommended: Where multi-season effective fouling protection is needed Where regulations ban or restrict the use of organotin compounds On yachts, tenders, dinghies, trailer yachts and power boats Altex No.5 Antifouling is: Compatible over other copper based anti-foulings, where recommended preparation is achieved Not suitable for use use on aluminium craft, outboard motors, sail drives or stern legs.

AY&B No.5 PLUS Antifouling

No.5 PLUS is the solution to the ever-increasing fouling burden in nutrient-rich waters.  Designed for the pleasure marine sector, to provide owners with a dependable, high-performance coating system that will save them money in maintenance costs. It is recommended for yachts, launches, tenders, dinghies and trailer yachts, Not suitable for use aluminium craft, outboard motors, sail drives or stern legs.

  • Built and engineered on our proven performer No.5 Antifouling
  • Highest biocide loading for ultimate protection
  • Superior resistance to fouling in static conditions
  • Ultimate protection for cruisers in the South Pacific
  • High-performance self-polishing ablative technology

* Durability will be determined by film thickness applied, frequency of use, water conditions, tidal flow, and many other variables

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