Altex Topcoats & Primers

Altex Topcoats & Primers

Altex manufactures an extensive range of high quality boat paint including single pack and two pack topcoats and primers.

We carry a range of epoxy primers and high build systems in addition to polyurethane topcoats.

Please contact us to discuss your project and we can offer you the best options based on your requirements.

Elite 239

Elite 239 is a high-performance, high gloss, acrylic polyurethane which will provide excellent gloss and colour retention as well as resistance to moderate/severe marine environments.

Elite 239 is recommended for use on:

  • Superstructures and Cabin Tops
  • Topsides
  • Bulwarks and Gunwales
  • Handrails
  • Galley and Saloon areas
  • Decks (may be used with Altex Non-Skid Particles fine grade where added slip resistance is desired)

Elite 321 Brushing Polyurethane

Elite 321 Brushing Polyurethane is a specialised marine finish coat formulated for brush and roller application. It is based on the latest cyclo-aliphatic polyester technology, giving a high quality and durable finish coat with long lasting gloss.

It has been especially designed for both the Professional and DIY painter for maintenance repainting of all yachts, launches and other pleasure craft. An easy to use, high performance polyurethane with good flow-out and wet-edge characteristics, balanced with rapid dry-to-touch – makes re-paint projects on the hardstand or on the water a practical proposition.

It is recommended for use on all vessel types to repaint:

Topsides, Cabins & Decks

Interiors, Masts & Fittings

Showers, Heads & Galleys

Regatta® Gloss Enamel

Regatta Gloss Enamel is designed for use as the finish coating for the Single Component Marine topsides systems.

Regatta Gloss Enamel can be used on :

  • Canoes
  • Tenders
  • Dinghies
  • Trailer yachts
  • Power boats
  • For signwriting
  • Boot stripes
  • For up-grading existing enamel systems, subject to correct preparation and undercoating

Epoxy Primer

Altex Yacht & Boat Epoxy Primer provides the foundation for all high performance marine systems. Altex Epoxy Primer is suitable for a vast range of substrates, and ensures exceptional adhesion for all coating systems to build on.

Altex Epoxy Primer is recommended for use as:

  • Primer on suitably prepared steel, alloy, GRP and wooden substrates
  • Multi-coat primer and self-build system
  • Primer and seal coat for Altex Epoxy fairing systems
  • Also used to seal off prepared, aged coatings prior to repainting – refer also to Altex Epoxy Barrier Undercoat.
  • Ideal for use below the water-line as a tie coat between aged epoxies and Altex Yacht & Boat Antifoulings-

AY&B Epoxy Barrier Undercoat

Altex Yacht & Boat Paint Epoxy Barrier Undercoat is a high performance, sandable epoxy high build coating which is both very corrosion and water resistant.

Epoxy Barrier Undercoat is recommended for:

  • Topside & Superstructure final sealing to provide an optimum surface for finish coating
  • As a high build surfacer to remove defects and achieve a finish suitable for application of Altex Polyurethane Undercoat or one of the Elite Polyurethane finish coats
  • As a high build barrier coat for below waterline application, used as part of an Altex Antifouling system
  • Direct application to sanded GRP, epoxy laminated wood and epoxy sealed wood
  • Direct application to epoxy faired surfaces
  • Application over Altex Epoxy Primer or Altex Epoxy High Build Surfacer
  • Priming / undercoating over degreased & sanded aged polyurethanes, epoxies, fairing systems, gelcoats, epoxy laminates & fibreglass

Epoxy High Build Surfacer

Altex Yacht & Boat Epoxy High Build Surfacer is a two component new technology high build epoxy surfacer and profiling compound designed to fill and profile minor imperfections such as found on epoxy glass lay-ups, sanded epoxy fairing compounds, and repair sites on damaged structures.

The recommended maximum dry film thickness per coat is 0.5mm (500 microns).

Altex Epoxy High Build Surfacer may be applied by spray or squeegee, or a combination of both.


  • Excellent build and filling qualities
  • Light-weight
  • Easily applied without specialised equipment
  • Excellent sanding properties
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Compatible with many substrates including suitably primed steel, aluminium, gel-coat, epoxy laminates, composites etc.
  • May be applied direct to fresh epoxy laminate and composites
  • May reduce labour input during the fairing stages of new builds